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, as soon as I queue one up and hit “Play,” I’m sucked right back into an all-consuming maelstrom of Mulder/Scully feels that remind me why they’re one of my all-time favorite OTPs (one true pairings).

In fact, I would probably go so far as to say they’ve ruined me for all other TV romances.

Pretty sure that’s their first instance of hand-holding, but far from their last. meeting of minds and mouths was a long time coming and very, very welcome as another big step in our favorite agents’ relationship.

And boy does Mulder play dirty, telling her that she MADE HIM A WHOLE PERSON (!!! Exchanging vows in Season 7's “The Sixth Extinction, Part II: Amor Fati”: Okay, so they don’t literally exchange vows, nor do they need to, but this conversation after Scully rescues her man from unwilling brain surgery is a watershed moment and probably the closest Mulder and Scully ever come to bothering to try to put into words the indescribable scope of their feelings for each other. No, but seriously, this point in Mulder and Scully's relationship ranks high up there in my this-is-totally-when-they-started-sleeping-together list of potential consummation dates. Figuring that out, definitively, is Very Important! Scratchy beard scene in : TXF2 is far from a perfect film, but I’ll defend its place in the canon ’til my dying breath for this scene alone.

) and that he didn’t know if he wanted to or even could continue his life’s work without her. If they didn’t BOTH exhibit an unhealthy need for each other on a regular basis, this would be uncomfortable to watch, but let’s be real, Scully would've lost her mind without him in a matter of days. Six years after the events of the series finds them together, of course, but now officially sharing a home, and a bed.

I do wish the powers that be hadn't tried to drag it out so much with the last season and there had been more on-screen smooching! As for watching all the seasons, I know there's debate about it, but overall I think the series is good all the way through.

They are one of the most perfect on-screen couples and I always felt that all the actors on that show got along very well, which made it even better. Now, the mythology goes to shit (the stuff with William is so confusing that I just want to throw so much to ask that the show confirm his origins one way or another?! I just rewatched The Ghosts Who Stole Christmas (I think that's the title? Honestly, I may need to write "18 MORE Times Mulder/Scully Ruined Us for All Other Romances"! I respect how TXF really knew what it was about from Day 1, but the way the mythology came about in Season 2 around Scully's abduction took it to a whole new level.

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And so I present to you, this, my MSR (Mulder/Scully Romance) Magnum Opus: 18 Times Mulder/Scully Ruined Us for All Other TV Romances: 18.

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